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St Tropez has teamed with Aenea Clapham, London to offer you the No.1 tanning brand chosen globally by celebrities, beauty editors, professionals and most importantly our guests.

For those on-the-go we offer the St. Tropez rapid tan, a revolutionary product that allows you to select how dark you want to go by choosing when you shower. Containing fast acting ingredients that absorb quickly into the skin, the formulation contains intelligent shade technology that allows you to choose the depth of your tan;

Light tan – 1 hour

Medium tan – 2 hours

Dark tan – 3 hours

For our guests that love St. Tropez and are devoted to the classic tan, this is also on offer. For a natural looking sunless tan with a weightless application we use the St. Tropez classic bronzing mist. Even and perfect, the instant colour dries in just 60 seconds after application, and the self-adjusting mist will develop and deepen over 4-8 hours;

Light tan – 4 hours

Medium tan – 6 hours

Dark tan – 8 hours

Using just one colour bronzing mist, this gives you, the guest, the control to decide the result and finish that you desire. Clever technology within the formula enables the mist to develop with your natural melanin content to provide you with a tan that is bespoke to you and your natural beauty.

Aenea Tanning

St Tropez Express Tan (30 mins) – £35
Develops in 1-3 hours

St Tropez Classic Tan (30 mins) – £30
Develops in 4-8 hours

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Which tan is right for me?
The St. Tropez tans that we offer are suitable for all skin tones and will provide a natural looking glow. Dependent on the time that you have available for the tan to develop will determine which tan you should go for.

How long will my tan last?
Our skin naturally exfoliates and at different rates for each individual. On average a spray tan should last around 5-7 days, but with good preparation and homecare maintenance it can last a little longer. A thorough exfoliation to remove all dead skin cells will provide an even surface for your tan. Following application, you should be daily moisturising and to ensure the perfect fade, exfoliate lightly every 2-3 days.

Will my tan streak or go patchy?
If you have prepped your skin thoroughly prior to your professional application and follow the correct homecare advice, you will obtain the perfect tan with the perfect fade.

I have pale skin; will it look too dark on me?
St. Tropez works with a clever formula that develops with the melanin potential within your skin. Everyone’s tan will be individual to their skin tone. Your therapist can help with the recommended development time to achieve the tan that you are wanting.

Will it look orange?
Not at all. St. Tropez tanning products have a green base to them that helps to neutralise and prevent any orange tan on the skin. St Tropez tan are known for their golden, natural   looking results.

Can I have a spray tan during pregnancy?
Studies confirm that the St. Tropez spray tan is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. During pregnancy hormone levels are high and the skin can become more sensitive. If you are worried about having the tan, we would recommend a patch test 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Will my spray tan protect me from UV exposure?
No. There are no sun filters in the St. Tropez tanning products and so SPF’s at the sufficient levels are still required and important during sun exposure.

I have Eczema, can I have a spray tan?
St. Tropez is safe for use with all skin conditions, however we would recommend a patch test at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Aggravated or broken skin should be avoided  when applying the tan. If you have any concerns, please ask your doctor or therapist for more advice.

What preparation is needed prior to my tan?
Thoroughly exfoliate the skin the day before your tan to remove all dead skin cells. This will ensure your skin is ready for the perfect application.

On the day of your tan avoid moisturisers, perfume, deodorants and makeup as much as possible so as to leave the natural skin ready for application.

Good to know;

    • Avoid getting any water or liquids on your skin while the tan develops
    • Avoid exercise or strenuous activity which may cause you to sweat while your tan develops
    • Wear loose, dark clothing while your tan develops
    • To prolong your tan moisturise your skin every day to keep your skin hydrated. Avoid harsh body soaps.
    • Exfoliate lightly every 2-3 days to buff the dead skin cells away. This will boost your colour and keep the tan looking fresh.
    • When your wanting to have another spray tan ensure all of your previous tan has been properly removed by exfoliating you skin or booking a body scrub with a therapist.
    • While your tan is developing cover your couch/bed with a towel or sheet as the colour from the excess bronzing mist may transfer onto these items.