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O.P.I & Shellac Nail Manicures & Pedicures Clapham

Aenea Spa in Clapham, London, offer an extensive range of nail treatments and services to ensure your hands and feet are looking pristine at all times.

Our treatments range from express treatments for ladies on the go, to intense experiences to treat our hands and feet to some TLC.

With our own Aenea Nail Polish and Gel Polish teamed with our own Body Care products, the nail experiences that we offer are bespoke to our salon and our ethos of the science of beauty.

We also use top nail brands such as CND Shellac, Essie, Artistic and OPI so that you can choose the immaculate finish for any occasion.

Polish Refresh

Our express polish refresh is ideal for our guests that are short on time and want to be mani ready. Whether you’re just popping in or want to add this additional service to an existing hair or beauty appointment, our team will file your nails and change your polish for the perfect speedy treatment.


Our Express treatment is the perfect maintenance treatment for the hands or feet for those that are just topping up. Our therapists will shape and tidy the nails, express tidy of the cuticles and finish with an immaculate polish.


Our Spa treatment is ideal for our guests needing a little more care. Starting with a soak and cleanse of the area, we will then exfoliate and buff to help eliminate dead skin. Followed by a nourishing massage, your treatment will end with the high gloss polish you choose.

Gel Finish

Our Spa treatment teamed with a gel polish to give a long lasting finish to your nails. Perfect for those who are going on holiday or don’t have the time or patience to keep changing their polish, the chip-resistant gel will last for up to 14 days and keeps its high gloss finish, whilst protecting the nails underneath.

Aenea Nail Enhancements

Polish Refresh (mani or pedi) – 15 mins – £15
Nail tidy and polish change or buff.

Express Mani – 30 mins – £25
Nail tidy, cuticle tidy, polish change or buff.

Express Pedi – 30 mins – £25
Nail tidy, cuticle tidy, polish change or buff.

Spa Mani – 45 mins – £39
Nail and cuticle work, exfoliation, massage and polish change or buff.

Spa Pedi – 45 mins – £49
Nail and cuticle work, exfoliation and hard skin removal, massage and polish change or buff.

Gel Polish (mani or pedi)  – 60 mins – £40
Express nail treatment with a high gloss, chip resistant finish.

Gel Removal – 30 mins – £12
Soak off of gel polish. (complimentary with a full gel polish treatment)

Aenea Treatment Enhancements

French Polish – 15 mins  – £10
Add a French polish finish to any nail service.

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How often should I have a manicure or pedicure?
To maintain soft, silky smooth skin on the hands and feet we would recommend having a manicure or pedicure every 4-6 weeks. This will be the right time for the nails to have grown and need to be reshaped, Dead skin will have occurred but to a manageable level and the cuticles will have regrown.

How long will my polish last?
A normal nail polish can last anywhere between 5-7 days before needing refreshing. However, this is dependent on lifestyle. If your hands are constantly in water or in use, the polish can chip easier and may need refreshing after 3-4 days.

Why should I have a gel polish over a normal polish?
Gel polish is adhered to the nail plate, is dry instantly, chip-resistant and stronger than your average nail polish. It lasts for around 14 days, depending on the nail type, and will stay fresh with a high gloss finish for the duration. Again lifestyle can affect the longevity of the polish but it will last longer than a normal polish. The main beneficial feature is that once the polish has been cured during the treatment it is dry and you can carry on as normal. There is no hanging around time or fear of smudging.

Should I be looking after my hands and feet at home?
We would always recommend that you are using a hand cream and foot cream daily. We use these parts of a body every day, and they need just as much TLC as the rest of our bodies. A cream with salicylic acid included in the ingredients is ideal to nourish and moisturise, gently exfoliate to keep hard skin away and help maintain cuticle growth. Exfoliating your hands and feet regularly will allow the cream you use to absorb better and deeper into the skin giving full benefit. We recommend our Aenea Fruit Acid Exfoliator and our Vitamin D Body Lotion.

What shape should I chose for my nails?
The most common shape chosen for the nails is Sqouval. This is a square shape with rounded edges and withstands everyday life without a lot of breakage.

Round or oval nails are also popular, giving a slightly more elongated and feminine look to the hands. However, the amount of likely breakage from everyday life is higher.

Pointed nails are more of a fashion statement than a practicality. It is a more fragile nail shape and is more prone to breakage, but great for a special occasion or desired look.