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Hot Stone Massage Clapham London

Using heated stones to relax the muscles and release deeper tension in the body.

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone massage incorporates placement of water-heated, smooth stones at key points on the body with a bespoke massage using hot stones for enhanced benefits. Hot Stone massage promotes; deeper muscle relaxation, muscle stiffness eases, increased circulation and muscle tension melting away.

By applying direct heat from the stones, the muscles relax, allowing your Aenea massage specialist to access the muscles on a deeper level. Relieving chronic pain, reducing stress and promoting deep relaxing, the hot stones have a sedative effect on the body.

Massage Treatment Focus

Aenea Tranquil Massage – 30 mins – £45
With a focus on one main area of concern

Aenea Tranquil Massage – 60 mins – £70
With a focus of two main areas of concern or a full body massage

Aenea Tranquil Massage – 90 mins – £100
With a focus of three to four main areas of concern or a full body massage

Aenea Treatment Enhancements – 15 mins for £15

The following mini treatments can be added to your facial service to enhance your experience as a little extra treat.

Revitalise – Pre-massage back scrub & cleanse

Rejuvenate – Mini foot rejuvenating massage

Invigorate – Stimulating head, neck and scalp massage

Aenea Bespoke Packages

A Little Extra – Combine any 60 minute and 30 minute Aenea spa treatment for £100

Time for Me – Combine any two 60 minute Aenea spa treatments for £130

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Is Aenea Tranquil the right massage for me?
Nourishing the soul, promoting wellbeing and relaxing the mind, hot stone massage is extremely warming and energising for the body. Hot stone massage is ideal for stress related conditions, back pain and sluggish body systems such as circulation.

Why should I have the Aenea Tranquil massage over the Aenea Signature massage?
Hot Stone massage is able to reach deeper levels of the muscle than a regular massage. The warmth of the stones has a sedative effect on the body and is ideal for guests that are wanting to relax whilst feeling comforted.

How often should I have a massage?
Depending on your concerns and reasons for having a massage, will determine the regularity of the treatment required. For those guests without injuring and purely wanting to enhance their wellbeing and relaxation a massage once every 4-6 weeks is recommended. For those guests that have a particular concern, aches and pains or injury, your massage specialist will recommend a course of treatment and the frequency of your visits over a period of time.