Semi Permanent Make Up

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Semi Permanent Make Up Clapham London

Aenea Clapham, London, has teamed with highly trained and professional specialists to offer you the latest and very best in semi permanent makeup. Our external practitioners will provide you with a full consultation prior to a treatment and a £50 deposit is required prior to your appointment to secure the booking.

Working from Tracie Giles exacting standards of creativity, safety and customer care, our team of practitioners will make you feel at ease knowing you are in the hands of the top professionals within the industry.

Natural Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent makeup is a means of producing designs that resemble makeup to enhance the colours and features of the face, as a cosmetic technique which employs tattooing.

  • Eyebrows – Using a technique called 3-D brows, our practitioner will enhance your natural brow by adding colours and drawing individual hairs into the skin, weaving stimulated hair stroked within the natural ones to lift and define the brow.
  • Eyeliner and Lash Definer – using the finest, medical grade medical pigments that are hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers. Enhancing the eyes to look bigger, more awake and better defined.
  • Lips – Creating a perfect shape and tinted lip without a border, you’ll have sensual, effort less lips 24 hours a day. Using an airbrush effect, soft mineral pigments are used and this is the ultimate way to perfect thin or even lips, that may have lost shape and fullness.

Semi-permanent Makeup

Natural Semi-Permanent Makeup – 60 mins – Free Consultation  – £225

(Price per appointment, per area. Two appointments are required for maximum results)

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How long will semi-permanent tattooing last?
Annual top ups will be needed to keep the result looking fresh, without these top-ups the colour will fade away gradually. How long this tattooing will last, will be dependent on the individual, taking in factors such as the colour used, how much was used, skin, lifestyle and more. On average, most guests will find the colour will last between 9-18 months before needing a top up.

What colour will the tattoo fade to?
The colour that the pigment will fade to, or how long it will take to fade completely is unpredictable. For this reason, we ensure our practitioners will always advise you fully of the aftercare needed and that the shape and result is personal to you, rather than just following fashion trends.

How is the pigment semi-permanent?
Micro-pigments are used throughout our procedures and therefore, because they lack size they also lack density of colour, so the colour fades quicker. How deep or shallow the pigment is implanted will also have an effect on the longevity. It’s good to remember that implanting pigment into scar tissue is more difficult.

Will it hurt?
Numbing creams will be used to make the process more bearable as the face is more sensitive. Using smaller needles also causes less damage to the skin, meaning less pain with quicker healing time.

What happens after the treatment?
The area tattooed may be a little swollen or red, the pigment will also appear darker and more intense for several days as the area heals. Complete healing can take 2-4 weeks, during this time the pigment will mature into the skin and its true colour will emerge. A top-up procedure will be needed after 4 weeks.