IPL Hair Removal

Aenea, Clapham London

IPL Hair Removal Clapham London

Ellipse, have teamed with Aenea Clapham, London, to offer IPL hair removal.

Say goodbye to a lifetime of shaving or waxing with Intense Pulsed Light. Our team of highly trained experts, will guide you through the process with ease. Safe and efficient, this highly effective must-have treatment works by disrupting the hair follicle growth cycle and over time prevents the hair from growing back. After just 6-12 treatments you will notice a significant reduction in hair growth.

So if you’re ready to say goodbye to unwanted hairs and hello to super smooth skin, then visit us today for a consultation.

How does it work?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Controlled pulses of IPL are emitted onto the skin and penetrate the epidermis. The melanin within the hair follicles absorbs this light and converts the energy into heat. The heat is then transferred into the hair follicle and destroys it, slowing and preventing further hair growth.

The hair growth cycle has three distinct stages, Anagen (Growth Phase), Catagen (Transitional Phase), Telogen (Resting Phase). The treatment is only effective on the hair in the Anagen stage as these are still connected to the follicle.

Ellipse IPL Hair Reduction

  • Course of 3   10% Discount
  • Course of 6    15% Discount
  • Course of 9     20% Discount

Stomach Centre Line – 15 mins – £40
Underarms – 15 mins – £75
Neck – 15 mins – £50
Upper Lip – 15 mins – £70
Chin/Cheeks/Jaw Line – 15 mins – £75
Glabella (Centre Brow) – 15 mins – £40
Standard Bikini – 15 mins – £100
Extended Bikini – 15 mins – £120
Buttocks (Centre line) – 30 mins – £120
Brazilian – 30 mins – £160
Hollywood – 30 mins – £180
Hands & Fingers – 30 mins – £75
Feet & Toes – 30 mins – £75
Half Arm – 30 mins – £120
Full Arm – 45 mins – £150
Shoulders – 30 mins – £60
Full Face Excluding Neck – 30 mins – £120
Areola – 30 mins – £50
Half Back Or Abdomen – 30 mins – £100
Full Back or Abdomen – 45 mins – £140
Half Leg Including Knees – 30 mins – £120
Full Leg – 60 mins – £180

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What is IPL?
Ellipse IPL is safe, effective and clinically proven. After just 6-12 treatments you will notice a significant reduction in unwanted hair and clinical long-term studies have proven that 77% of the hair is still away after 10 years.

What are the benefits?
IPL is both time and cost efficient, hairs take longer to grow back and those that do will be much finer and lighter. After a course of 6-12 treatments, hair is permanently reduced and a maintenance session is required only once or twice a year. Not only is IPL highly effective but when you compare it with the maintenance and cost of waxing it is vastly more economical.

Will it hurt?
Ellipse IPL safely and easily removes unwanted hair whilst protecting the skin. Any discomfort and side effects are minimal. The majority of guests find this more comfortable than other forms of hair removal such as waxing and electrolysis. There is a slight warmth that will be felt during the treatment but it is set to a comfortable level for each individual.

What areas can be treated?
We are able to treat all parts of the body, the only areas we can’t treat are over tattoos, nipples, sun exposed skin, or immediately around the eye area. IPL is not suitable for all skin types, so a consultation and quick patch test is needed to ensure no adverse reaction will occur.

Is IPL suitable for everyone?
IPL is not suitable for all skin types. Optimum results occur when there is plenty of target pigment melanin in the hair and lighter skin. Therefore, white, blonde and grey hair, dark skin and skin recently exposed to the sun cannot be treated due to the melanin levels. Our consultation and patch test will determine your suitability and estimation the number of treatments needed within your course.

What precautions are needed?
You need to avoid any tanning from direct sunlight or tanning beds for a month before your consultation and first initial treatment. Tanning throughout the course of your treatment also needs to be avoided to ensure your safety. Immediately after the treatment the skin is particularly sensitive to UV light so a sunscreen of a least 30 spf must be used.

The Ellipse IPL Machine has pre-programmed treatment suggestions for different skin and hair types thus allowing the energy levels to be adjusted for the client’s individual needs so as to avoid any adverse reactions and ensure success of the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?
Everyone will need a course of treatments to obtain the desired effect and level of hair reduction. An average course length is between 6-12 treatments, performed at intervals of 6-8 weeks. As the treatment becomes successful the intervals between sessions may change. After your course we recommend a maintenance session every 6-12 months as a top up.

Is permanent hair removal possible with IPL?
Permanent hair reduction can be successfully achieved with IPL treatment. Hair density is significantly reduced and regrown hairs will become much finer and lighter. Permanent and full hair removal is not achievable due to the nature of hormone changes and natural hair growth.

How do I get started?
We offer a FREE consultation and patch test with our skilled expert to ensure your suitability for the service. If you have any more questions your therapist will be able to guide you in more depth.