Aenea, Clapham London

About Aenea, Clapham London

The story of Aenea (pronounced “Uh – Nee- Ah”) started in London, but arguably also has its roots in Cyprus, in the small village of Sia.

As a teenager growing up in London to Greek-Cypriot entrepreneur parents, Damien Zannetou, the founder of Aenea, became fascinated by his mother Linda’s skincare routine. She was constantly switching from product to product in a desperate search for something that wouldn’t cause her skin to break out. Sometimes she’d even have to do patch tests in order to determine whether a certain ingredient would cause a reaction. Anything fragranced was an absolute no-no. And the impact it had on her confidence was devastating, not just for her, but also for her son to witness.

Cut to the present. In 2016 Damien opened a beauty and hair concept in Clapham, South London, which was an instant hit. Aenea Spa soon had a loyal clientele of A-list celebrities and local business women who loved the latest complexion-boosting treatments. Wanting to give them skincare products they could take away with them and use at home, that were equally high performance but also safe to use, Damien remembered his mother’s struggles and became determined to create a skincare line that was both youth-enhancing and safe for sensitive skins. What if you could strengthen the skin you’re born with, from the inside out?

Epigenetics, a buzzword among the dermatologists and scientists he spoke to, became his focus –and the answer. We’re born with genes that determine how we look – but that’s only half the story. It’s our lifestyles – the pollution we’re exposed to, the stress we live with, the amount of sun we absorb – that have as much to do with how we age. Damien had witnessed the impact lifestyle has on our genes at first hand – back in Sia, the small village in Cyprus mentioned earlier where he had many relatives, he’d been fascinated by his Aunts who lived there, who were identical twins.

Born with the same genetic make-up, Aunty Bobbi had sadly passed away, while the other, Aunty Yanoulla, now in her 60’s is positively thriving. Understanding the principles behind this difference to how they had aged was the key to creating skincare that would enhance what we have naturally – our genetic profile.

Could his team of chemists come up with something that could build upon what we have naturally, within our skin cells? Delivering a powerful cocktail of skin-strengthening ingredients that would also feel comfortable to use? The answer came back: yes, they could. A line of fast-acting cleansers, serums, and moisturisers, all inspired by epigenetics was born, that would live up to the name: Aenea. And in case you’re wondering what that means – it’s a play on the name of the Greco-Roman mythological hero, Aeneas; and the Greek word “nea” meaning “young”. Aenea Skincare – it’s both your hero and your secret to young looking skin.

Aenea Cosmetics won the ‘My Face My Body Awards’ for Best Cosmeceutical Range.

Aenea Cosmetics also won the ‘Global Wealth and Finance Awards 2016’ for Best Health and Beauty Product Manufacturing Firm 2016 – UK.